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information and its influence on professional”

October 21 – 23, 2016


Friday: Botanica Café, 12 Energetikov Street
Saturday & Sunday: Surgut City Mall, Conference Hall, 38 Yugorskii Trakt Street

You’re invited to take part in the IV Surgut forum aimed at discovering of the most significant innovations in the sphere of business, economics, science, and education as well as contributing to the integration between these spheres!

The forum is to bring together professionals of nowadays, parents who are interested in the future career of their children, gifted students who are aware of the cost of capital and earn their living by themselves, young leaders of educational institutions, everyone who is interested in professional opinion, who has its own point of view and is ready to disclose it.

*****3 plenary sessions, 5 discussion platforms, 6 experts from Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district and other regions of Russia, 60 professionals, fascinating discussions, worthful contacts*****


  • What is the right way to pursue professional activities in the world of constantly developing info field?
  • How to choose the right data in the unlimited stream of information?
  • How not to fall a victim of doubtful information in the field of economics, education and business?
  • How to choose the right information which will contribute to your professional development?
  • How to develop skills and competences to become a future professional?
  • How to Develop Analytical Thinking of a Professional at the All Stages of Education?


  • to make self presentation or company presentation;
  • to become a moderator in the discussion;
  • to be published in electronic brochure of the conference;
  • to get pleasure from communicating with interesting people;


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Nikitina Elena

Open Data Expert, Russian Federation State Analytical Centre, Moscow

Young Chamber Emerging Leaders Project Manager, Project Manager and Sales Support Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group, London


Prof.,PhD, Honored Worker of Science of Russia, Lipetsk.

CEO – New World Insight, CEO – Thames Valley Enterprise Partnership, President of The International Club of Leaders  (EBA), Director of External Affairs, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group, London


Doctor of Science in Pedagogy
Author of Economy, science and education integration scientific Idea, Surgut

Discussion area
(number of participants in each session 15 persons maximum)

Participants of the conference are the students of senior school, institutes and universities, middle-aged who have the reasons to participate in plenary sessions, discussions and seminars. Some of the discussions will be devoted to the ideas of Atlas of Emerging Jobs involving professions in-demand in such spheres as power saving, ecoanalytica, unmanned aerial vehicles, multirobot systems. The aims and objectives of the organizers of this conference to contribute to discovery of the most significant innovations in the sphere of business, economics, science, and education as well as contribution to integration between these spheres.

Venya Pak

Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Youtuber, certified ESL teacher
Surgut — Los-Angeles

Speech Title:

How to be “Great” – The Art of Decision-Making


1 — There is no a word more harmful for greatness than ‘good’. No matter what you do, at some point in your life you find yourself at the crossroads trying to make a decision. Where should we seek for guidance to make it right?
2 — The art of decision-making. Human brain is, basically, an algorithm. An algorithm is a computer or formula, designed to make a decision by choosing between two different things. This is not the best definition of an ‘algorithm’ but this is a good way of thinking about it.
3 — Life is based on four pillars: health, wealth, love and happiness. You have to choose only one and there is no right answer.
4 — Obstinacy and wisdom. Let’s say you want to be a successful businessman of have a perfect social life. Ask yourself: Is there a potential ‘end’ in these relationships? If you have business and it doesn’t go very well. Even if you can lift it, will there be a potential finale you expect?

Dmitriy Mukhin

QUICK SILVER Fitness and Dance Studio, Director Russian Fitness-Aerobics Federation, Certified Instructor Event manager in Dance and Fitness Industry

Asya Kocharyan

Nurudeen Tijani

English Language Coach/Tutor, Lingua, Surgut Russia.


False Education; A parable of an adopted 40 year old

Since the beginning of our world, man has been thirsty for knowledge. Learning about himself and all that revolve around him.  The fact remains, knowledge acquired over a period of time or in any geographical location have always been passed down from generation to coming generation; be it the day-to-day knowledge of how to eat, travel, live comfortably, culture and tradition or be it warning of danger and concequencies of  several things or actions, mostly in the spiritual aspect.


My aim is to draw our attention towards what we actually “believe” the true education is in our world today. Are we still in line with the true education? Do we still follow the most effective way of attaining education, or have we derailed?

How can a young person be prepared for successful future: what are the competences and personal traits required.

The professional and information: the influence of analytical thinking on planning and decision making.

Samborskiy T. V.

The New City newspaper publisher The SIA-Press Information Agency, Director General

The influence of mass media on decision making. Cyberwars.

Prognoses. Jobs of the future. (Entrepreneurs form ‘Social society’)

Zhuravleva Ludmila

Doctor of Science in Pedagogy
Author of Economy, science and education integration scientific Idea, Surgut

Report Theme:

“The whole child, the whole curriculum, the whole Community”

Social ailments can cause stress. Frustration about inner expectations and reality creates a feeling of trouble. Personality protection becomes a condition of professional’s survival. Survival is adaptation which implies interaction with society. Escapism is the way of destructive survival.

Organizing Committee

•Surgut Administration
•Surgut Chamber of Commerce
•Lingua Group
•Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group
•OJSC ‘Surgutneftegas’
•PJSC ‘Gazprom’
•Surgut State University

Where to stay

Centre Hotel

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Polaris Hotel

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If you have any questions concerning the conference, please contact us.

We are open for communication! Looking forward for effective cooperation!
Feel free to contact us:
+7 3462 23579 (add. 108, 113), +7 3462 287538

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